Cambria County Historical Society

EBENSBURG, CAMBRIA COUNTY --- The Cambria County Historical Society was formed in 1925.  It’s located in an old Victorian home formerly owned by prominent Ebensburg banker A.W. Buck.  Inside there's a wealth of information.

"Right now we have exhibits that take you through different decades, starting with 1800's and we go up through the 1960's," Dave Huber of the Historical Society said.

There's also an extensive library. 

"We maintain a library that is very well stocked from a genealogical standpoint with birth certificates, death records, family histories, history of Cambria County, we have all those volumes," Society President Freemont McKenrick said.

Outside is the community garden.  It was just completed this weekend.  Local landscapers used photographs from the 19th century to help design the layout. 

"We thought we could bring back that idea which was here back in the 1890's," McKenrick said.

That idea ties in perfectly with the feel of downtown Ebensburg.  A lot of work has been underway with the streetscape project, which is helping to bring back the Victorian feel to the historic town. 

“We feel that this project really ties in with their project quite a bit…there's just some great things going on in Ebensburg right now," Huber said.

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