Standardized Tests in College Admissions

By Christian Heilman

Published 07/31 2014 06:09PM

Updated 07/31 2014 06:13PM

HUNTINGDON, HUNTINGDON COUNTY -- Temple University said this week that they're not going to require standardized tests beginning in fall 2015.
They are the first public research university in the northeast to do so.
Locally, Juniata College has not required standardized test scores for about ten years, and prospective students and parents said it's about time other schools catch on.
Aaron Conyer and his father are looking at schools and find that the college search can be overwhelming.
Aaron Conyer said, “I think I'm more than a number.”
Chris Conyer said, “There are so many choices and it's just difficult to try to narrow it down.”
Aaron did well on his SATs, but likes that Juniata doesn’t focus on a single score.
Aaron said, “You know a lot of schools judge you off of your test scores and your test scores don't define who you are.”
And that's something Juniata College's vice president of enrollment takes pride in.
Fumio Sugihara, Vice President for Enrollment at Juniata College said, "One of the reasons Juniata went test optional was really that the standardized tests -- they kind of miss some students."
Chris said, “It's hard to go and say on this one day your future is going to be determined. That's really not a good thing.”
There's more to Aaron than meets the application -- he's well-rounded and wants a college to see that.
Aaron said, "I participate in a lot of out of school activities like I play soccer at a high level, I'm involved in a lot of clubs and a lot of charities."
Sugihara said, "I don't think we should obsess about testing. I think people should really focus on colleges that make sense for them."
Aaron just hopes he ends up at the right school and doesn't let a test dictate where he goes.
"And you really can't be defined by what you do on one test at one time because I'm more than just one test,” said Aaron.
Even though Juniata doesn't require test scores, they say 70%of applicants submit their scores anyway.
Penn State also tells us they're not considering removing standardized tests from their applications.

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