Some Expect New Texting Law Will be Hard to Enforce

OMG!  Texting behind the wheel is now illegal.

"Kind of seems like a dumb law," Pat Cuomo said.

Dumb, Cuomo said, not because it's over reaching, but because he says it doesn't do enough.

"If you're going to ban texting, you should ban talking on the phone," Cuomo said.

Police Chief Jim Ott of Duncansville said he'd like to see it a little stricter.

"Go all the way and make it 100 percent hands-free use of a cell phone while operating a vehicle," Chief Ott said.

Ott said it will be difficult to enforce because officers will have to distinguish who is texting and who is dialing a number, which is legal to do.

"I can't imagine somebody is going to go to the steps of getting a search warrant," Chief Ott said.

Unless, of course, someone was injured or killed in a texting-related crash.  A police officer can't legally just take your phone to see if you're lying.

"It's going to come down solely to what the officer observed and obviously the side of the road interview on the traffic stop," Chief Ott said.

The fine is $50.  The fees tacked on make it about a $135 ticket. 

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