Should the day after the Super Bowl become a national holiday?

If you stayed up to watch the Super Bowl your week may have gotten off to a sluggish start, but you're not alone.

The Monday after the big game is one of the most popular days for people to call out of work.

"You just watched the Patriots lose and you're so happy," Jayven Ritchey said. "Why would you want to ruin it with work or school?"

Research shows the day after the Super Bowl is actually coined "Super Sick Monday."

A new survey showed nearly 14 million Americans planned to call out this year. That same survey finds 1 in 5 Americans have called in sick in previous years.

The trend is something so common, Heinz Ketchup even started a petition last year to try and make the day a holiday from work.

So we took to the streets to find out if people in our region think the day after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday.

"It's like the big event that everyone will be talking about and they want to be off to have a celebration for it," Sam Royer said in support of the idea. "Everyone is going to stay up real late for it like we did," Bill Royer continued.

"No it shouldn't be a national holiday because it's a game that people play," Gary Kovach told us. "Not everyone watches sports."

While there were mixed reviews, one thing is for sure, staying up all night watching the game can leave anyone in a Super Bowl slump.

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