Shopping Center Under New Ownership

By Ashley Doerzbacher

Published 07/10 2014 10:19PM

Updated 07/10 2014 11:30PM

LOGAN TOWNSHIP, BLAIR COUNTY - Logan Town Centre is operating under new ownership.
TKG Logan Town Centre LP, out of Columbia, Missouri, bought the retail property for 101 point 5 million dollars.
With that, about million is going to the state, and half million to both Altoona Area School District and Logan Township.
The school district said it's still too early to say what they'll do with it. Logan Township, though, is already weighing the options.
"We want to be financially responsible for the township residents,” said Jim Patterson, a Logan Township Supervisor. “We don't want to go spend that money on the things that we want, only the things that we need because there comes a day when we might need that money for an emergency."
Patterson and the other supervisors say there are plenty of options to spend money on, but right now, their best option is to not spend it.
"That is going to go in a capital improvement fund,” said Patterson. “We're going to save it for a rainy day, maybe if there's a need to buy new police cars, maybe there's a need to buy other highway equipment, in case we have something go wrong here with our building."
Tax payers, though, have their own ideas on where they'd like to see that money used.
"I think they ought to take it and help the children in this area have a place to play with,” said John McClelland, of Lakemont. “Have another pool. Build another pool for them to go to."
"They said about lowering taxes I don’t think that's good,” said Richard Meintel, of Lakemont. “I'd sooner have it in a rainy day fund in case we do have a natural disaster or something they have that to go back on."
Residents say however the $500,000 is spent; it's good to see outside companies investing in our region.
Both the township and the school district will have to wait for all the paper work to be done through the county until they receive the money.

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