Sewage Authority Facing Thousands In Unpaid Bills

By Ashley Doerzbacher

Published 06/10 2014 06:22PM

Updated 06/10 2014 06:30PM

WOODBURY TOWNSHIP, BEDFORD - Things got heated Monday night at the Southern Cove Joint Municipal Authority meeting, when residents found out they could be footing the bill for unpaid sewage fees.
New board members say it started about nine years ago. Since then, some people haven't been paying their bills, while others aren't getting them in the mail.
"We had a secretary here that, he's been on authority since day one, and when people got delinquent of bills, he never did anything about it," said Dave Chesney, chairman of the Southern Cove Joint Municipal Authority.
Once new members came on the board, they figured out what was going on.
"We did have a citizen bring to attention and we got to checking and found out it was way deeper than originally thought."
At least $45,000 in the red, the authority is proposing to allow a year's time to pay those fees back, or face a lien on tax payer's property.
"We're going to try to work with everybody, try to get everything straightened out here, get the money coming in because money's not coming in like it should."
Chesney said this problem didn't happen over night, and won't be fixed as quickly, but he’s confident they'll get back on track.
Former secretary, Kevin Brumbaugh for his comment, he was unavailable for comment.

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