Seven year-old to host bake sale for Clearfield children battling cancer

Clearfield, Clearfield County, Pa. - UPDATE: Haizt Little raised $1,077.25 for Brody and Allison on Saturday. The money raised will be split between their two families. 

The hand mixers have been running all day at the Little house hold in Clearfield. There, Haize Little is mixing up a batch of cookies with her mom, but they aren't for the 7 year old to enjoy... at least not all of it. She's getting ready for a bake sale to help local children in need.

"I just wanted to help them and make them  more better and have a better life," explains the 7 year old.  

The proceeds will help Brody and Allison, two Clearfield children battling cancer. Haize's mom, Amanda says she came up with the idea all on her own. 

"She had some experience staying in hospitals here and there and she heard they were sick and they were in the hospital and she just wanted to help them," says Amanda.  

Long stays in the hospital is something Amanda knows all too well. Haize was born with heart defects needing multiple open heart surgeries. 

"We just had  a checkup and she could be due for another heart surgery pretty soon so we're just kind of enjoying the summer," explains Amanda, pushing back tears. 

While Haize is healthy, they're giving strength to those who need it most, even though, she doesn't know them. 

"[The children] just knowing that other people care about their well being, other people want to see them get better and they love them even they don't know them. It's really big for a kiddo," says Amanda. 

Baked good donations have been coming in to help Haize out. However, she wants everyone to know: Her cookies are the best. 

"Me and my mom do a really good job on the cookies," boats Haize.  

The bake sale starts saturday morning in front of the CNB bank in Clearfield. All of the proceeds will be split between both Brody's and Allison's families. 

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