Same Sex Couple Celebrates One Year Anniversary

By Mallory Lane

Published 08/23 2014 06:24PM

Updated 08/23 2014 06:40PM

STATE COLLEGE, CENTRE COUNTY - A couple who made history last year in Centre County is back Saturday to celebrate.

Pike County couple Joseph and Gregory Scalzo were married in State College at Mayor Elizabeth Goreham's home in August 2013, making them the first gay couple to marry in Centre County.

A lot has changed since the Scalzo's were married, including the fact that Pennsylvania now recognizes marriage equality. It's something the couple didn't think would happen so soon.

"We actually feel like we're married now as opposed to a year earlier," Gregory Scalzo said.

"It feels good, we feel more like a family now," Joseph Scalzo said.

The ceremony last year didn't come without some controversy.

Not only did the couple obtain their marriage license from a Montgomery County Register of Wills who handed out licenses in violation of the law, the pastor who officiated their wedding was fired for doing so, too.

Today, things are a lot different and it's not something they expected to happen so soon.

"It was just unbelievable," Joseph said. "I couldn't believe that we got marriage equality so quickly."

"I thought it was going to take a couple of years, to be honest," Gregory said. "When they made the ruling that this is the way it is, you're entitled to get married, it's like, wow. It happened a lot faster than I thought it would."

The Scalzo's said looking back, they're glad they decided to make their marriage official when they did and how they did it.

"Not every place is accepting of us yet, but I think in time, as each state falls in line, eventually the Supreme Court is just going to rule it, nationwide, that it's unconstitutional," Gregory said.

The couple's marriage is recognized by the state for now. There is a lawsuit pending against the Montgomery County Register of Wills that could change that, but no decisions have been made in the case.

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