Runners compete at 45th memorial race

Altoona, Blair County, Pa. - Folks in downtown Altoona laced up their sneakers to kick off their Fourth of July with one of the biggest races in Central PA.
It was a sea of red, white, and blue for the 45th annual Angie Gioiosa race in Altoona.
John Foreman says Goiosia was his track coach and helped put this festive race together.
"Angie was one of the runners, obviously Angie ran every year," he said. 
The Fourth of July race was named after him when he died in 2011.
"In the seventy's for sure we saw him everywhere around town he would wave to you. he had a kind of unorthodox running style and everybody knew who he was," remembered Glenn Brandimarte.
Organizers say the first race had only about 90 people but now they've reached nearly 1000 people running in honor of Angie Gioiosa. 
"A vast majority of those people would tell you the reason they started running was because of Angie Giosoia," said Foreman. "And when you look at the probably thousand or so people that started today more than half of them are going to tell you the single reason they started to run was because of Angie. 
Runners of all ages participated in the 5k and 15k race and 2 mile walk.
Amanda Chamberlain won the women's 5k race. 
She says the race is a tradition for the Altoona Women's Cross Country team.
"We always come out to the fourth of July race which is a lot of fun and there's a lot of people in it," explained Chamberlain. 
Gioiosa is a name she's familiar with. 
"I think its really great to have somebody like that to look up to like a runner. Personally, I think a lot of the girls on the cross country team think that too."
Foreman says Gioiosa would proud of all the runners that come out and share his passion.
" think Angie would feel that he doesn't deserve to be singled out to have this named after him. Everybody else at the starting line would disagree with Angie. We loved Angie and we're very happy that this is here."
All of the funds from the race will benefit the Hollidaysburg YMCA. 

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