Rochester Restaurants Cashing In On PGA Crowds

Rochester area restaurants are chasing in on the big PGA crowds, "we were probably a little busier than usual and I can only expect it to get busier, and busier, as the PGA continues," explained Sara Alfieri, Shift Manager at the Genesee Brew House Restaurant and Bar.

The Genesee Brewery is highlighting the best Rochester has to offer on its "specials" menu, "we have our beef on weck which is kind of a Western New York thing," explained Alfieri, "obviously our Genesee beers, we're going to try to get everyone hooked on cream ale."

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is hustling and bustling, "we're just preparing for battle," said Kevin Speciale, Managing Partner at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, "we have aces in place making sure we have plenty of barbeque for the folks coming in and its been working out, and everybody is really enjoying it"
PGA fans at the restaurant say it's the best meal in town, "after a long day on the golf course I figured it was time for some barbeque," explained Tim Johnson who went on to say he enjoyed the meal.  Tommy Youngman added, "unbelievable food, great atmosphere, and a lot of fun."

As delicious as the food is, it can't take fans minds off the reason why they're in Rochester, "today I met Tiger Woods and got his autograph so its been a great day," said Joseph Dante.  Dennis Johnson added, "it's going to be a busy weekend, even for a practice round there was a lot of people there having a good time."

Speciale says Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is almost booked through the weekend with reservations, but the restaurant will still accept walk-in customers.

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