Riders discuss issues with CATA in Centre County

Centre County, Pa. - Liz Bennett has lived in State College since 2009 and does not have a car. She depends on the public transportation system.

"CATA pretty much gets me where I need to get going on a daily basis...I live downtown but typically I choose apartments based on CATA routes, so I can get to where I'm going pretty easily," Bennett said.


Bennett said she uses CATA to do her grocery shopping at Wegman’s, but there has been changes to the HP route that she used to get there.

"They would loop the route from Grays Woods directly to Toftrees, so this means that...They would no longer go from the Wegman’s and Target area," Bennett said.


And that has caused her problems.

"I now have to take a different bus, go downtown and walk several blocks with my groceries. So it's really inconvenient," Bennett said.


This is not the first time CATA officials have heard complaints. Ridership on the HP this past month is at just under 17,000 and is about 14 percent lower than last year at this time.

"We're gonna go back and look at ridership trends, look at comments and complaints we've received in the past and take a look at the HP route; and see if there are any changes that need to be made to it," CATA Public Relations Manager Jacqueline Sheader.

But that isn't the only issue CATA officials have been hearing. They said the construction along North Atherton has also been causing issues for riders.


"We're finding that the construction on North Atherton Street has really severely impacted our on time performance," Sheader said.


While Sheader said the construction is something that everyone will have to ride out until it ends, Bennett hopes that other complaints can be taken care of.

"And it sounds like they are. They are willing to kinda take a look and see...how they can make changes to this," Bennett said.

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