Restaurant owner opens second location at airport

Martinsburg, Blair County, Pa. - An Altoona eatery that's rounding out 8 years of business is expanding and opening up shop in an unusual location.

Bill Sell is taking his success in downtown Altoona to Martinsburg.

He says another restaurant at the Altoona Blair County airport was an opportunity he couldn't pass up.

Sell has been whipping up food for the last thirty years.

His newest venture Bold 322 is set to open at the Altoona Blair County Airport.

"I like the area it's kind of like downtown when I first got here. There wasn't a whole lot here and now it's grown and out there. I like a challenge. It's a different area and we have good clientele that comes out here to eat," Sell explained. 

Sell says they'll be serving up their popular dishes.

"Our cedarplank salmon, blue corn chicken, crab dip, fish tacos. Everything we make here will be out there. It's what we're known for but we'll do that but then like I said our chefs make tons of features so there will be different stuff going on."

Airport manager Tracy Plessinger says their restaurant shut down in September. 

"We're calling it Blair County's most unique dining experience," said Plessinger. "We're just very excited. Bill has been a real fixture downtown and really provided some stability and a rallying point for the downtown revitalization."

Plessinger says the location offers a special dining experience.

"Windows looking over the runways and seeing the planes come and go. We think the comination of the cuisine and the location really provides a real unique experience for people."

And it's name, is close to Sell's heart. 

"My son is in the Airforce and he was in the 322nd graduating class of the Airforce. So that's how we got with 322 and stuck with the Bold, just to kind of pull the name out there so people familiar with us and what to expect."

His current head chef at the Altoona location will lead the team at the airport kitchen. 

Bold 322 will open in March of 2018.

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