Residents raise concerns over proposed action sports park

State College, Centre County, Pa. - A proposed action sports park continues to draw controversy from some Centre County residents. 

The action sports park has been in the proposal phase for several years now. Orchard Park has been identified as one of the potential locations for it and has people on both sides of the fence.

"I want this park to be left there as it stands now. for everyone in the neighborhood and the community to enjoy," Christopher Jones, a resident, said. 

"And we're looking to add something. to expand on what's currently offered." BMX rider Jamie Bestwick said. 

While residents around Orchard Park are asking for that location to be taken off the table, some are concerned about injuries.

"Broken bones, bumps, falls sprains, and sometimes unfortunately neuronal injuries," Danae Powers, an anesthesiologist, said. 

Powers said the council needs to take a risk management prospective if they decide to move forward with it.

"It should be visible, it should be should have wide enough access that should ambulances need to come people could get there easily," Powers said.

Just about 15 minutes from State College is the Tussey Mountain Skate Park and officials there said having a safe environment is priority.

"We do have staff here throughout the whole time. we do require helmets at our skate park....I just think that if you have a skate park that is not staffed and not regulated, there is more of a potential risk for injury," Director of Marketing Aaron Weyman said. 

Despite concern from some residents, others believe that this type of park is needed for the local area.

"They need a place where they can do it...if they weren't good kids, I wouldn't be here supporting them," Erik Scott, owner of The Bicycle Shop, said.

There has not been a final decision on the park, but only time will tell what the future holds for this action sports park. 

The action sports park will be voted on next Monday night.

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