Residents Helping to Better Community

By Ashley Doerzbacher

Published 05/09 2014 11:03PM

Updated 05/09 2014 11:15PM

JOHNSTOWN - Johnstown is hurting right now. Residents say drugs and crime are taking over the area. Friday, a couple of different groups got together in hopes of changing that.
Early in the morning, police agencies in Cambria County gathered, asking the community for help to get drugs off their streets.
So far in 2014, there have been 11 overdose deaths. At this rate, it'll top last year's 52 overdose deaths 
"We've had enough we are going to investigate drug crimes, arrest you, prosecute you,” said Kelly Callihan, Cambria County District Attorney.
Later in the evening, dozens gathered in Moxham to help survivors of violence.
"An event like this really brings the community together for something positive and for something that moves us forward," said Erika Brosig, of Victim Services Inc.
Suzanne Corbin spoke Friday at a take back the night event. She's a victim of sexual abuse and turned to drugs in the past.
She calls what's happening in the community now an epidemic.
"I've robbed people, I've stolen from people. I've lied to my family,” said Suzanne Corbin, a violence survivor. “There's a lot that goes along with it that is not who the people are we're not bad people we just do bad things and we're just trying to get better."
Corbin and other survivors shared their stories in hopes of helping just one person realize they're not alone.
 “Deep down everyone has some issues and we can all come together and relate to each other and share the pain we've been thru and overcome together," said Britnie Boswell, a violence survivor.
Victim Service Inc and other organizations say they will continue to hold positive events like this one. The next one will be on May 24 for Celebrate the Day.

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