Resident Says "Bath Salts" Ban is Wrong Approach

LOCK HAVEN, CLINTON COUNTY- The city of Lock haven is now on the growing list of Pennsylvania cities not waiting for Harrisburg to ban the substance referred to as "bath salts." This week Lock haven City Council unanimously voted on an ordinance stopping the sale and distribution of it and synthetic marijuana. "I think it's real important that people understand what bath salts are, it's not what your grandmother used when she was soaking a soar muscle, it's specifically made for people to get high." Lock Haven Mayor Richard Vilello said.

 While businesses who sell it will see the change, it is someone else speaking against it. A member of the Libertarian Party, Timothy Havener says the move is the wrong approach. "What we've seen with other drugs is that we, you ban them, they go underground and the criminal element has complete control of distribution and you have absolutely no control of the situation," Havener said.

 Havener thinks a better idea is take tax money from bath salts to educate teenagers about drugs."You have a majority of people in prison for non-violent drug offenses costing us, the taxpayers millions and millions of dollars and anyone with a shred of common sense would look at the situation and see what we're doing isn't working."

The ban goes into effect on June 20th.

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