Researchers say local VFW has paranormal activity

Phillipsburg, Centre County, Pa. - Staff at the VFW in Phillipsburg said if you listen closely you may hear the sound of lost souls. 

And if you pay attention a shadow could pop out of nowhere.

It's all Halloween fun, but paranormal investigators have come to see if there really are ghosts beneath the ground floor.

Today VFW Post 3450 is a bar and a community meeting place.

But in the late 18th century it was where you'd find the local mortician, who at the time was known as the undertaker.

Seinfelt said it later became the VFW and belonged to the military order of the "Cooties," who took care of children and homeless in need.

Paranormal investigators said spirits from back then may have stuck around.

Tom Brown, Co-Founder, Native Spirit Paranormal, said "I hesitate  to come out right and say the place is haunted, however we definitely do have activity here."

Brown and his team are using special cameras and a handheld device to monitor electromagnetic fields to detect any paranormal activity.

"Nothing that we've come across has been unfriendly, everything appears if anything, shy," Brown said.

Brown said his cameras have caught glimpses of orbs in vacant rooms.

Many strange items remain untouched and the structure essentially in its original condition, and Brown said that may be for the best.

"Once you start making changes, they can become a little bit more vocal and a little more interactive and they can cause people even more fear," Brown said.

The basement hasn't been renovated simply because it's expensive. But folks agree that having all of this preserved, reminds us of its history and it's paranormal charm. 

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