"Re-tooled" health care plan includes opioid funding

Thursday, Senate Republicans rolled out a "re-tooled" health care plan still leaving many of their party members cautious about its details.

The new bill reinstates Obamacare taxes to help pay for the $45 billion dollars in new opioid funding but does not reverse the first bill's deep cuts to Medicaid. Senator Bob Casey expressed his concern over these cuts, especially when it comes to opioid patients.

"What we need is folks to be able to have coverage and treatment to deal with a very difficult challenge in their lives," he says.

Casey also says that Pennsylvania's Medicaid expansion has provided coverage and treatment for 68 thousand people struggling with opioid abuse.

Although an additional 45 billion dollars for opioid treatment is inlcuded in the bill, opponents say that number is not nearly high enough as many families left behind in the opioid crisis are worried that if more people lose coverage under the new plan meaning that fewer people will be treated for addiciton.

"Individuals suffering with addiction need diagnosis, counseling and treatment. Without health insurance, these services are unattainable for most," says Rick Werner of Maryland.

Werner lost his son, who self-medicated for bi-polar disorder, to a fentanyl overdose. He was 27 years old.

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