President Trump statue catches attention from the White House

Cherry Tree, Clearfield County, Pa. - If you're out on the green at the Chetremon golf course in Cherry Tree- you may see a familiar face watching over your swing. 
There, you can find President Donald Trump standing at over 7 feet tall. Lynette Hugill's husband had the idea. 
"We just believe in our president so, you know, he's here, " laughs Hugill. 
However, that idea became larger than life- at the Wizards Workshop in Punxsutawney. Owner Randy Rupert transformed a tree into a likeness of the POTUS. 
Rupert usually focuses on animals. "In this industry we say bears pay the bills," says Rupert. However, he's always up to tackle the challenge of custom designs. 
The part Rupert knew he had to get right: 
The hair 
"I could've screwed his face up a little bit but his hair would've made him, him," laughs Rupert. 
The carving received a lot of attention before it even made it's way to the golf course. People stopping, 
taking out their phones to take a picture with the wooden president. When they posted it on social media was when it caught the eye of someone special. 
"we were pretty excited what were the chances of that?" says Hugill. 
Donald trump junior sharing the post on Facebook- giving a shout out to the chain saw wizard and receiving nearly 20 thousand likes. 
"That was cool! He didn't mention my name but he did mention that it was an artist from Punxsutawney at the wizard's workshop," says Rupert. 
The owners at the Chetremon say it's fitting, that the president is on a golf course. 
"We were actually able to go to one of his gold courses. So we thought it was pretty cool that he is at out golf course," says Hugill.  
They hope their views won't sway others from coming in. "We just believe personally that we need to stand firm in what we believe in and if you don't like it- that's okay. We welcome everyone here. "
Rupert says he's received a lot of calls but no requests to duplicate his masterpiece. While the owners of the golf course are hoping the president might come take a swing and take a look at his twin.

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