Police: Punxsutawney students charged with making a school shooting threat

Punxsutawney, Jefferson County, Pa. - Punxsutanwey borough police say two high school students are facing charges after making threats about carrying out a school shooting. 

Chief Matt Conrad said the two minors are facing charges of making terroristic threats. He says the police were alerted to the threats after a conversation between the two students was overheard on a school bus. Conrad believes plans may have been discussed over a period of time. However, according to authorities, it was the first time instance a student came forward to report the unusual behavior. 

Two middle school students also have charges pending for separate incidents regarding bomb threats, according to Punxsutawney borough police. Conrad says the school went on lockdown after two-bomb threats were found by graffiti on the bathroom walls in the middle school. 

Right now, according to authorities, the school is operating on its normal schedule. Conrad is expecting to partner with the school to be more proactive with walkthroughs and security measures on school grounds. 

Conrad says his department always takes threats seriously. However, he attributes the recent tragedy in Florida for bringing the issues to the forefront, and helping students feel obligated to report any unusual situations. 

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