Police Issue Vehicle Break-in Prevention Tips

By Kevin Flanigan

Published 01/16 2014 06:58PM

Updated 01/16 2014 07:55PM

ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY - Police in Altoona say they have a growing problem with people breaking into parked vehicles in the city. That's why the Altoona City Police department have turned to social media to make people aware of the need to protect their property.
The Altoona Police on Thursday posted a couple pages of car break-in prevention tips on the department's Facebook page. The goal is to make the public aware of a growing crime problem in the City.

It doesn't matter what part of the city you live in according to the Altoona Police. All over the area they cover, some one has been breaking into cars and trucks during the overnight hours. Police believe there is one person or group responsible and they have been doing plenty of damaged to the vehicles they hit.

"It used to be before, if you locked your car that was enough to deter most people. But these guys don't really seem to be deterred by that at all. They've broken windows, they have cut convertible tops on soft top vehicles, jeeps and the like."

This is the sort of crime that has some people looking for ways to protect their property. That includes home and auto security systems.

"...Used to be more reserved for businesses and things like that but now we are seeing a lot more people go with cameras at the home. So you can watch your driveway. Watch your cars. Watch the doors, things like that so you have an idea of what is happening even when you are not there."

Altoona Police say they have seen plenty of cash and other valuable including electronic equipment stolen from the parked vehicles, some of which were in garages. Because locking the vehicles doesn't seem to stop these thieves, police say people should take some additional steps to secure their property.

"If you have valuable items in your car that you can take out of your car, and bring them into your residence and secure them at night, that is probably the safest course of action."

Altoona Police say there is an active effort underway to catch who ever is responsible for these vehicle break-ins.  Still they would like to hear from anyone who observes suspicious behavior around parked cars at night.

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