Piazza family continues anti-hazing efforts

Greenville, South Carolina - Parents of 16 children who died from college hazing gathered in Greenville, South Carolina this past weekend to coordinate efforts. The organization is PUSH, or Parents United to Stop Hazing.
Evelyn and Jim Piazza were there. Their son Tim died after a hazing event at Penn State last year. They're putting pressure on universities and lawmakers to make meaningful change.

Jim Piazza said "Developing a plan to deal with national universities, larger universities, get our message in front of then, understand what changes they will make so hopefully we can prevent this from happening to another child."

The Piazza's lawyer, Tom Kline tells WTAJ "The Piazza's believe PSU has taken significant steps forward but there's much left to do and strict enforcement is essential in implementing true change at Penn State."
He tells me they intend to file a civil lawsuit against all those that had a role in Tim's death, and may include Penn State if they fail to make a resolution with the university.

WTAJ investigates what has happened in the year since Tim Piazza's death in a 2-part series "Fraternity Dangers" at 11pm on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

#PUSH is Parents United to Stop Hazing

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