Pharmacy technician charged with stealing more than 2,100 pills from employer

DuBois, Clearfield County, Pa. - More than 2,000 pills were stolen by a pharmacy technician at the Penn Highlands Community Pharmacy and then were sold to make a profit. 
Kaitlyn Petrick is now facing felony charges after an investigation was launched by the Pennsylvania State Attorney General. 

The 28 year old is accused of adjusting inventory multiple times for incorrect counts of Oxycodone while working as a pharmacy technician.
Investigators say she would place an order into the drug manufacturing company and then enter a lower amount into the pharmacy's system to swipe hundreds of pills at a time. Officials say it happened nine times over a three month period, ranging from January through March of this year. On the February 9th, according to records, Petrick swiped 400 pills from a single order. 

According to paperwork, a total of 2,100 Oxycodone tablets were missing from the pharmacy. It's believed Petrick sold the pills for 10 dollars each to a person in Reynoldsville. 

Penn Highlands Hospital officials did not want to comment during an active investigation. However, it is reported Petrick was terminated back in April, after she tested positive for seven different substances during a drug screening. 

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