Penn State warns of potential end to Greek life

University Park, Centre County, Pa. - Penn State President Eric Barron called out one fraternity in particular in his letter to the Greek life community.

Barron says the university knows of nine others who have violated at least one new rule set forth by Penn State earlier this month.

Barron says Sigma Alpha Mu violated almost every rule that was imposed after parent's weekend celebrations.

He writes that quote "drinking was excessive and was not restricted to beer and wine. There was no third-party licensed server, the party was open to anyone and people with no formal association roamed freely in and out with access to handles of liquor."

Barron also says even some parents were visibly intoxicated.

In his letter, Barron also sites the KDR investigation as well as the ongoing criminal case against Beta Theta Pi after the death of Timothy Piazza.

President Barron says, quote "if new rules can just be ignored, or behavior just goes underground, and if there is no willingness to recognize the adverse impact of excessive drinking, hazing and sexually assault, then is there any hope?"

President Barron says if these incidents continue, he predicts an end of Greek life at Penn State.

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