Penn State School of Music topping off ceremony hits a high note

University Park, Centre County, Pa. - There will soon be a new place to enjoy and appreciate musicians coming out of Penn State's school of music.


At University Park, the School of Music is constructing 24 million dollar performance hall to highlight the passion of its students.


Chris O'Brien has been honing his musical skills for the last ten years.


He says it's an honor to be one of the first musicians to perform in the Penn State School of Music's new recital hall.


"Just being able to say we're the first to perform in this awesome venue that we’re going to share for years to come. It's going to be really great to say that to people."


Former director of the School of Music, Sue Haug, says this new space will match the quality of the music made in it. 


"Our students and faculty have been performing and rehearsing in facilities that are not appropriate for their quality, in that does not enhance the work they do,” she explained.


The new hall will not only look beautiful, it's specifically designed to highlight acoustic music.


Students and staff were asked to make their mark on the building by signing a steel beam for the beam raising ceremony. 


Haug says most of the project is state funded. 


"This is for them. We do these facility renovations because we care deeply about our students, we deeply about their experience and their experience is enhanced by being able to work in exceptional facilities."


With the final beam in place, performers are excited to take center stage in their new home. 


"It's the center of the community. People give their recitals in them all the time, concerts, just a space where we can share our art and our passion. Just have fun and share what we love to do,” explained O’Brien.


The recital hall is yet to be named. It will be ready for performances Fall 2018. 

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