Park uses telescope to enjoy solar eclipse

Philipsburg, Centre County, Pa. - Folks at Black Moshannon State Park didn't need a pair of solar glasses to take a look at the eclipse. 

The park brought out their solar telescope to share the experience. 

"I couldn't find glasses anywhere at all and I thought this would be best option anyway, I mean families come out, they set up the telescope it's great," said Raina Kassoway. 

It's a computerized scope that has special lens that allows you to get close view of the sun. 

Environmental education specialist at the park Michelle McCloskey says you can see more details than looking through the glasses.

"We had ordered it many years ago for our Venus transits so we pull it out and use it for many of our just viewing the suns programs and also for programs like this."

A little rain stopped the fun but folks stuck around to get a view that you don't see everyday.

"I'm so happy, it's worth it, I'm so happy I waited it out.. It is so beautiful, the orange the yellow," described Kassoway. 

People of all ages were at the park using the telescope, the glasses and even some homemade options. 

11 year-old Benjamin Koudriet was impressed with what he saw.

"It was really cool because you could see like the moon crossing over the sun and the little part of the sun," he explained. "It's like I probably won't see this ever again so this is awesome."

Folks at the park say they'll bring out the telescope again in a couple of years. Another eclipse is set to come through in 2024.

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