PA Lawmakers React to Possible Strike on Syria

By John Clay

Published 09/12 2013 11:53PM

Updated 09/13 2013 12:03AM

Tuesday, PA Congressman Bill Shuster reacted to a possible strike on Syria by saying he definately does not support miltiary action in Syria.

We caught up with the other congressmen and senators representing our region.

Democratic Senator Bob Casey thinks we should wait a few days to see if Russia will help get all chemical weapons out of Syria. If not, he thinks the use of force should still be on the table.

Republican Senator Pat Toomey fears what inaction will do, especially in relation to Iran. But he is not on board with a military strike yet. He wants more information.

Republican Congressman Keith Rothfus is against the use of military force in Syria at this point. Republican Congressman Glenn Thompson is also against military force. He feels the president hasn't made a strong enough case for military action in Syria

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