PA House Passes Bath Salts Ban

HARRISBURG - Bath salts and other "legal drugs" may soon become illegal in Pennsylvania.

The State House unanimously passed a bill on Monday, which adds the chemical compounds found in substances such as Blizzard, K2 and Salvia, to the list of Schedule I Controlled Substances in Pennsylvania.

The bill bans the use, sale, possession and production of such substances.

The House added an amendment that would ban chemicals that are similar the ones in the bath salts. This would prevent the manufactures from changing the recipe slightly to legally sell a very similar product to the one that was banned. House Representatives say this change makes it the strongest law of this type in the nation.

The Blair County District Attorney has been waiting for this/ He was in the process of banning the sale of it in the county. But he says this is a much better way to fight the drug problem.

Rich Consiglio is especially happy with the ban on Blizzard. He says its one of the worst drugs he's seen in more than forty years as a lawyer. And he says this new bill will give him and police officers the ability to stop someone from using the drugs and prosecute them. Right now he can only prosecute for the crimes someone commits while high on the product.

Officials say the abuse of these "synthetic" or "designer" drugs is causing problems all across the state.

The items say "not for human consumption".  But when they are ingested, they can give the user a high that mimics the use of crystal meth or cocaine, in the case of bath salts. 

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Police have attributed numerous crimes and incidents to the use of bath salts.

The bill (SB1006) now goes back to the Senate for a final approval.  It's expected to be sent to Governor Tom Corbett by Friday.  It would then be enforced 60 days after Corbett signs it.

You can read the full text of SB1006 here:

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