PA High Gas Prices

By Kevin Flanigan

Published 02/26 2014 06:36PM

Updated 02/26 2014 06:41PM

ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY - Pennsylvania gas prices are among the highest in the nation.  That is according to  a new report from the Automobile Association of America. 

The figures  released today come from  a survey of more than 120 thousand self serve gas stations across the country.  Plenty of Pennsylvania motorists   are not surprised by the results.
 WTAJ Reporter  Kevin Flanigan has been looking into some of the local numbers and has the latest.
 With  the average price of  regular  gas in Pennsylvania  at  $3.63  a gallon,  this State has the sixth highest gasoline prices in the country  according to the Triple "A"  fuel gauge report.  Only Hawaii, California,  Alaska, Connecticut and New York have  higher prices..

"Outrageous.  I just went to Virginia,   $3.18  a gallon  last Friday.   And  they sock it to us in Pennsylvania."

A number of  drivers report   lower  gas prices in other parts of the country.
"Actually I  think it is a little ridiculous  because my husband  is actually in Myrtle Beach right now,   and he text me and said   its only  $3.13 down there.
When it comes to the cause of the higher gas prices in Pennsylvania,  some retailers and motorists blame harrisburg and the recent increase in state gas taxes.

"I think that Governor Corbett  touting his record  as far  as lowering taxes and  improving the economy.     But I don't see how for the common person,    paying more money for gas helps in that. That is a regressive tax."  

But across the county gas price analysts say other forces are at work  like the partial shutdown  of refineries to  change to summer blends of gas.
"Between now and april we're likely to  tack on another  40 cents a gallon.  In some areas it could be 30, in other areas it could be  50." 

That just makes some drivers in this area angry.
"I don't understand it,   i think they are just gouging us.   Just gouging us,  saying about changing the blends and   everything."

And  plenty of motorists  say  the higher cost of gas is already taking a toll.
"Yeah, we don't take trips any more,   we don't even go out of the state   we stay local.     And I use a lot of gas   for my work cause i travel,   people's home to  homes  so it affects me a lot."   

While gas prices have been going up in recent months,  there are still about sixteen cents a gallon cheaper than they were at this time last year.   That's little comfort to those who find themselves already feeling some financial pain at the pump.
Kevin Flanigan  WTAJ  News.

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