Organization puts together breakfast to make flying dreams home true

Somerset, Somerset County, Pa. - Folks in Somerset County dined at the airport to help make flying dreams come true for someone who wants to make aviation their career. 

The 76th Fly In Breakfast is put together by the Somerset Aero Club.

Somerset native Leanna Slater has been a pilot for 31 years.

She volunteers each year at the Fly In Breakfast to share her passion.

"I always try to encourage the young kids. I started flying when I was young and just to let them realize anyone can be a pilot. Anybody, even girls."

Over 1,000 people were served pancakes and got to check out the aircraft display and cruise in at the Somerset County Airport.

The Fly in Breakfast is all about raising scholarship money for those who have a passion for planes. 

"So we give a scholarship every year to a Somerset County resident that's pursuing a career in aviation. It can be aviation flying, aviation mechanics, any aviation related career," explained Jo Alyce Kopinski, the Vice President of the Somerset Aero Club. 

Slater was a lucky recipient of a scholarship when she was 16.

It made her flying dreams come true.

"It's giving the kids an opportunity of a lifetime that you don't really see, just a great opportunity," explained Slater. "Once you have the love and the passion for flying, it's always with you and it'll always be there. It's just a great joy. 

Organizers say it's a great way to raise money and have a good time.

"It's so cool to see the families come out and everyone coming here and just having a good time and seeing the planes and now having the RC demonstrations," said Kopinski. 

Slater has a message for anyone aspiring to fly.

"Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do it. It can be intimidating at first but always stay to the love and the passion  of flying."

Anyone interested in the scholarship still has time to apply. 

Click here for the application and requirements. 


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