Night Out Against Crime

- DUNCANSVILLE, BLAIR COUNTY - Across the country communities got together for a Night Out Against Crime.

In towns all across the country police officers, fire fighters and other groups mingled to make better relationships with the public. And people say it’s making their community friendlier and safer.

The Night Out Against Crime in Duncansville began with a parade. Police officers and fire fighters from across the county drove through town sirens blazing but there was no emergency. It was about reaching out to the community.

Grant Verbtisky brought his little girl out. Between fun things for kids to do, the car show, and the Blair County Sheriff’s Office showing off their new bomb-sniffing dog, he thinks it’s a good way for people to meet police officers.

Duncansville Police Chief Jim Ott says crime has increased over the years, but because of events like this Blair County is still in good shape. And he knows making relationships in the community makes everyone safer.

It's the 30th year for the national night out against crime. And it's the 29th year for Duncansville to be a part of it.

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