Neighbors worried as search for attempted abduction suspect continues

Curwensville, Clearfield County, Pa. - The search continues tonight in Clearfield County for a man who tried to steal a child right from their front lawn. 

Neighbors describe center street in Curwensville as quiet, a place where kids can play in their front yards. However, now they're concerned after the man police say is behind an attempted abduction is still on the loose. 

Police say an attempted abduction  of a child happened last night just before nine thirty last night- on center street in Curwensville. 

We spoke with the family who says a man pulled into their front lawn and tried to grab their child off of a bike towards his truck.

Neighbors along centre street say they'll now rethink  allowing their children or grand children playing outside without an adult around.  Including Carol Greendoner- who's been on the block for 46 years. "I've never had any worry of someone trying to do something. I always warn them it's always possible anywhere but as far as someone being abducted around here I don't remember anything like that," says Greendoner.  

We're told the man was possibly driving a black Ford truck. He's described as tall, skinny, with gray hair and clean shaven wearing a blue racing hat, jeans and hunting boots.Anyone with information is asked to call Clearfield State Police. 


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