Neighborhood yards flooded for weeks

Tyrone, Blair County, Pa. - A neighborhood in Blair County is still facing water woes and it's gotten even worse after this weekend's recent rain.

Folks along South Eagle Valley Road in Tyrone says they're backyards are completely flooded and have been like this for about a month. They say enough is enough.

Nichole Kibler's backyard is barely recognizable.

She says the recent rain has made the flooding worse.

"Last night was my breaking point. I had close to three feet of water in my basement."

Kibler believes this is happening because of a blocked pipe under the railroad tracks.

"It's heartbreaking because I know my neighbor has two small kids, one on the way. They can't stay in their home. She should be setting up a nursery right now and she doesn't know where she's stay night to night.

Ron Boyles has been living in the neighborhood for the last 25 years. He says this isn't a new problem.

"The road could flood, you could have accidents and people are dragging their feet and hope it drains naturally. It's not going to happen."

His farm has been facing flood waters for the last 8 years.

"We're country folk, we're farmers," said Boyles. We get stuff done. If they would just let us do it and clean it up, we would do it without the threat of getting arrested or thrown off our own property. Why should we wait to decide who's going to take care of the a pipe. Should we wait until all the homes are flooded and the road shut down?"

The Game Commission cleared beavers from the pipe says Kibler but the water still hasn't gone down.

"It's supposed to drain through that pipe and when it's open, it's draining like it should. It doesn't take long. I've seen it bad and drain quickly. It shouldn't be sitting here for a month."'

WTAJ  reached out to the Nittany and Bald Eagle Railroad about the pipe.

We haven't gotten a call back at this time.




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