Memorial service honors Nick Roberts

Johnstown, Pa. - Nick Roberts spent a short time on this earth, but left a lasting impact on his friends and family.

D.J. Sims was one of Roberts' closest friends. They came from different backgrounds but wrestling brought them together. Sims said, "Nick was the most accomplished wrestlers and you would think he was kind of like cocky. But the first time I ever talked to him he was the nicest dude I ever met in my life. One of the nicest kids ever." 

Those that took the podium spoke of how Roberts lacked a filter and would sprinkle his sentences with a colorful four letter word here and there. But to them, that was Nick and they could always expect him to stay true to himself. 

Sims explained, "That's just the type of person he was. He was always comfortable. He always made himself feel comfortable. He was like my little big brother, and i was his big, big, little brother."

Sims said that Roberts would sleep at his place on occasion. Roberts would ask him to either keep his wallet outside to let him in or just keep a window propped open. Sims said that he would wake up in the morning and find Roberts passed out in the other bed. 

Roberts was said to keep that same light-hearted demeanor even with his professors. One said that he would always have a story that would relate to the lesson but catch everyone off guard. They say he was a popular kid, but most of all kind. 

Dr. Kristen Majocha was one of Roberts' professors. She detailed while addressing the service, "He always said, 'Love you Miss Majocha, you're a beast.' Nick, we loved you with all our hearts and it was a privilege to be your teacher."

Many stories were shared about Roberts' sense of humor and what put it in perspective the most, was when Sims explained that he wasn't overly emotional during the service because he knew that Roberts would rather see everyone partying for him. 

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