McClure speaks out since being fired

Hollidaysburg, Blair County, Pa. - Former Chief Deputy Sam McClure was fired by the Blair County Commissioners Wednesday. 

Human Resources with the Blair County Courthouse recommended that McClure be terminated. 

This is after a sexual harassment investigation that we're told has been completed. 

Commissioners voted unanimously to remove McClure from the Blair County Sheriff's Office. 

When asked about who was in charge at the office, County Solicitor Nathan Karns stated that the county has no sheriff and will continue to operate as it has since McClure was placed on paid leave on March 16th. 

McClure's termination comes one day after a PFA was filed against him. 

According to the order, the plaintiff, who is a county employee, was frightened when he tried to return to work on March 3rd. 

That same day, McClure filed a lawsuit against the Blair County Commissioners in an attempt to get his job back. 

McClure's family stood with him when he spoke with WTAJ's Karina Cheung Wednesday.

McClure says he's ready to face commissioners in court and is focusing on his campaign. 

"My campaign is alive and strong. I owe it to my supporters to go out and do my job and run this election and ensure that we have a positive outcome in the May 16th Primary."

McClure and the Blair County Commissioners will be in court Friday, April 7th. 

A Bedford County judge will preside over McClure's lawsuit about getting his job back. 

Meantime, McClure is expected to be back in court on April 12th for his PFA order. 

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