Man arrested on attempted homicide charges

Horton Township, Elk County, Pa - A Brockport man is in jail on attempted homicide charges after police say he shot his neighbor several times.

It happened around 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday night in the 100 block of Cross Road.

Yellow tape now criss-crosses the yard where police say someone shot a man outside his own home.

Police say Shawn Marche, 39, was inside when he heard his dog barking and went out to untie it.

His son told police he saw what looked like two flashlights on the road, according to the complaint.

The report says Marche yelled, "Is somebody here?" and then was shot multiple times.

Police say he went back inside, bleeding from his leg, hand, and stomach. He was then taken by helicopter to UPMC Altoona.

"My son heard something. He heard a gun shot probably about a quarter 'till 10, when he was gonna go pick up my other son," says neighbor Tammy Wrighter.

Police say the suspect Keith Bennett, 45, told them on Wednesday morning that Marche is "a menace" to the neighborhood and that police didn't do anything, so he had to go and confront him.

Police say Bennett also claims he was home alone all day and never went outside.

Police say there were several people at Marche's home at the time of the shooting.

"I went out earlier to take my son and there was people out in the yard playing badminton or some kind of game whenever we went down through," says Wrighter. "Probably around 10:00 or a little after, the ambulances and the cop cars came flying up this way."

The complaint says Marche also heard Bennett say, "I got you this time" at the time of the shooting.

There's no word on Marche's condition. Bennett's bail was set at $250,000 and he was taken to the Elk County Prison.


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