Man Allegedly Impersonates State Trooper

LINCOLN TOWNSHIP, SOMERSET COUNTY -- 19 year old Logan Shaulis is facing a felony charge and 15 misdemeanors. Police say he used a BB gun pistol, flares, handcuffs and a portable scanner to pull off the ruse.
One man thought he wanted to be a state trooper, so he grabbed a gun handcuffs and a portable scanner. Then he made his way out here to the intersection of Conn road and route 601 to stop traffic.
It was the great mystery surrounding Sue Weimer's neighborhood this weekend - why were there cop cars near their house early Saturday morning?
Sue Weimer said, "We saw cop cars, we saw flares, we couldn't figure out what was going on. It was about 3 o'clock in the morning."
Althea Shaw said, "There really was no siren she saw the flashing lights and we wondered what  was going on because we had all these police cars in our front yard."
Police say Logan Shaulis pretended to be a state police trooper. He allegedly set up a DUI checkpoint in front of Shaw's house. Shaulis stopped at least one car and identified himself as a Pennsylvania State Police trooper Steve Rogers -- which just happens to be the name of Captain America.
Perhaps the most ironic part of the story is that the man who is accused of setting up this DUI checkpoint was believed to be drunk.
Somerset borough police assisted on the call. The chief says there are a whole lot more people at a real DUI checkpoint.
Chief Randy Cox, Somerset Borough Police, said, "You can see as many as 18 officers being required to be involved in a checkpoint."
One of the people Shaulis stopped asked him to show identification. That's when Shaulis brought out his drivers license. He also allegedly said that details of the roadblock were in the newspaper.
Now the mystery switches from what happened on Sue Weimer's road to why.
Weimer said, "Good question. You have to ask him"
State police are also looking for people who went through this checkpoint. If you think you did, give them a call.

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