Logan Township Police Chief Retires

Logan Township, Blair County, Pa. - Logan Township Police Chief Tim Mercer has spent 30 years in law enforcement. But now, after an undisclosed health scare, Mercer says it's time to fulfill a promise he made to his wife.

When Mercer retired from the state police, he told his wife that they'd now have time to travel the country. That was put on hold when mercer saw an opportunity to serve the community he loved.

He said, "She was so gracious because she realized that i still had a passion for being in law enforcement. Then i was fortunate enough to come here to Logan Township and join this fantastic team."

Mercer is a Blair County native and has spent the last two and a half years as chief. The decision to walk away was a tough one, something he has wrestled with over the last 10 days. But with a unexpected health diagnosis, he felt it was time to focus on family.

He explained, "It was one of those moments in life that you kind of stop and pause and re-evaluate things."

Township Supervisor Chairman James Patterson says that they will miss him as chief and what he has done for the community.

He said, "He really got into the residents here in Logan Township. He was really proud to be the police chief here. But we were really proud to have him. It was a short time, but i can appreciate him wanting to retire, travel, be with family, friends and his wife, and why not? Life's too short."

Mercer says he loves serving the community that he says has been supportive of the department. He says the hardest part of retiring is leaving is leaving his fellow officers.

He said, "There is definitely a correct way to do policing and these officers epitomize that. They are very compassionate, they are very caring, and they are very professional in how they carry out their duties." 

Mercer won't officially leave until March 6th in order to give time for the township to find his replacement. The links below show the letter written by Mercer to Township residents.

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