Local Priest Just Moved Here from Ukraine

By Ben Manning | bmanning@wtajtv.com

Published 07/30 2014 10:28PM

Updated 07/31 2014 12:53AM

PATTON, CAMBRIA COUNTY - A Cambria County priest just moved here from the Ukraine, and now he shares his thoughts on the crisis there.

Father Vasyl Polyak is now the Priest at the Saints Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church in Patton. But just a few months ago he was living in the western part of Ukraine.

His family just joined him here even more recently. He says now he prays every day for his relatives and his country, but when his wife and child were there he was even more worried.

He says many people have fled the eastern area of Ukraine where the current conflict is and are now living in the west. He says parents don’t understand why their sons should be sent off to fight a war they don’t understand.

Ukraine got rid of all of their nuclear weapons after the fall of the Soviet Union because they wanted to be a peaceful country. Now he says they can't defend themselves especially from a country as large and well-armed as Russia.

His country needs help, but he doesn't know what can be done.  He added as a Priest he doesn’t want to see military help go into that area because nobody wants to se a third World War.

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