Local pastor dies in tragic accident

Tragedy hit a local church this weekend, taking a beloved pastor away from the community he meant so much to.
Steve Oberman, a Saxton Borough Church leader, died Sunday, three days after being hit by a car while clearing leaves in the church parking lot.

"I think the message is you have to be ready at any given time," Travis Myers, a church member, said.

A husband, father of two girls, friend, son, pastor, he was all of those. He was loved greatly by his community and people said he cared about everyone.

"He brought us all to another level because when we thought we had problems that we couldn't overcome or somebody was at fault or somebody was to blame, he let you see that it wasn't that way," Barbara Lucas told us.

Oberman was in the Air Force from 1980-1985 and was a police officer in South Dakota before retiring and becoming a pastor.

"He would tell us messages from when he was a policeman in South Dakota and messages when he was in the service," Lisa Meck, a church member, said. "He would even go clear back to high school and tell you stories from high school, but that was just Steve."

He's known for his great sense of humor, caring, gentle, compassionate personality, and his love for teaching.

"He taught me new words," Amy Jo Hinkle, Oberman's niece, said. "I'm going to miss him a lot and it is hard."

He's created a lasting impact on the lives of so many, showing you have to live life to the fullest.

Although he'll be greatly missed, his congregation knows they'll be seeing Pastor Steve once again.

"Every Sunday when we would leave he would say it in sort of a comical voice, 'see you later,'" Meck said. "So whenever we went to visit him at the hospital I said 'Steve, see you later,' and I meant that, I will."

Oberman's service is scheduled for Saturday, November 25 at 11a.m. It will be held in the Tussey Mountain Senior High School Auditorium. It's expected to be a packed house.

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