Solving the substitute teacher shortage

Altoona, Blair County, Pa. - The guest teacher program is not new, but it has proved helpful enough to other schools that the Altoona Area School District has decided to get on board. 
Have a Bachelor's degree from a four year university?  You are eligible to teach. 
"Say I'm a biology major and I've been raising my family and now my kids are in school so I want to come in," said Superintendent Charles Prijatelj. "I can teach high school sciences, biology, chemistry, physics. I can sub in those areas where my emphasis is."
Fill out an application (you can find them on your school's website) or go to a job fair at the Appalachia Intermediate Unit, do the six-hour online training, complete a background check, and you are ready to sub. 
You are not just filling in to keep order in the classroom while the kids watch a movie.
"We're not babysitting," Prijatelj said. "We've got lesson plans. We have structures. We have a curriculum k-12. So what specifically needs to be taught every day is planned out."
Prijatelj said five years ago, colleges were turning out upwards of 25,000 graduates per year in education programs.  That number has since dropped to around 15,000. 
"That still might seem like a huge number but it's not. The impact is felt across the entire marketplace when it comes to substitute teachers."
Now, you can look online to see which teachers are out or what time slots you might like to fill in for. 
"Our hope is that we can make the process easy enough that people feel comfortable and are willing to sign up and help us be part of the program and make it happen for kids."
Superintendent Prijatelj said the starting rate is $95 per day.  Every 20 days you sub, get a $5 increase until you cap at $115 per day.

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