Area students win National poster contest

Claysburg-Kimmel, Blair County - Hash tag phrases are all the rage with young people.
For 2 area 6th graders, their  # phrase will soon be a big part of a nationwide drug prevention effort.
What started as a school assembly for healthy hearts, turned into a celebration for 2 Claysburg-Kimmel 6th graders.
Principal Matthew Hall said, "We're just extremely proud that we have 2 of our students representing our school district in a nationwide contest."
Their Red Ribbon Week poster beat out thousands of other entries and will be used nationwide next fall.
6th grader Logan Brehm says,  "It just reminds people that you only do live once, that it is important to stay healthy and drug-free."
Logan Brehm and fellow 6th grader Jeremiah Oakes used the #YOLO - You Only Live Once - Be Drug Free.
School Counselor Danielle Simpson adds, "Kids are on i-Pads, phones and this stuff can be seen and read about anywhere so it's important that they understand that they are respecting others and themselves and keeping themselves healthy."
And for Claysburg-Kimmel school kids  - it means not only staying drug-free - but also paying it forward by jumping ropes for healthy hearts and raising money for the American Heart Association.
And poster co-creator Jeremiah Oakes says, "You don't usually have the chance to do it once - like you have it one time and that's it."

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