Local Hero Honored

By Jim Madalinsky

Published 06/11 2014 04:38PM

Updated 06/11 2014 04:39PM

PORT MATILDA, CENTRE COUNTY - Last August Sam Emigh was driving down this road on his way home from work when he saw the car in front of him lose control and crash into Lyken's Market. It's what happened next that has state police calling him a hero.
“There were a lot of people standing around. Most people were standing around and just wanted to keep their distance, but Mr. Emigh stepped right up,” Trooper Richard Hoover, PA State Police.
The driver of the car was having a heart attack, and Sam was quick to respond. Helping to pull the victim out of the car and performing CPR until paramedics arrived.
“I'm happy I was there and able to help it out. A lot of times it doesn't happen that way,” Sam Emigh says.
The crash may have been a surprise, but Sam was prepared for the moment.
“My training with first response and my military training it just clicked right into that and making sure he was ok,” Emigh says.
Because of his response, Pennsylvania State Police honored him with the Meritorious Citizenship Award.
“It's not very common I can tell you that. It has to take a really great act for someone to receive this type of award. In my 14 years on the job I've never seen anyone given a Citizen Award like this,” Trooper Richard Hoover, PA State Police.
And while Sam says he's happy to be recognized for what he did, the fact that the man involved in the crash survived, was the only outcome he cared about.
“I was able to help him and if he has grandkids, I wife, whatever he's going to be able to spend another day with them,” Sam Emigh, Award Recipient
Sam says he hasn't heard from the man since the crash, but now with the help of State Police he hopes to reconnect soon.

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