Local Doctor Lending A Hand

By Jim Madalinsky

Published 06/04 2014 03:49PM

Updated 06/04 2014 04:03PM

ALTOONA - For Dr. Michael Satryan this is where he does most of his work treating patients in his Altoona office, but he says it's an experience he had a few months back that really opened his eyes.
“We all got the lottery ticket of life by being born in the US,” Dr. Satryan says.
It's a thought that Dr. Satryan says he confirmed quickly after a recent trip to Haiti.
The optometrist spent a week in the struggling country providing services some of the people there had never seen.
“Literally 24 hours they had cataract surgery and could see again so it can be very life-changing for these people from blindness to sight in 24 hours,” Dr. Satryan says.
Dr. Satryan traveled with the group Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity.
It wasn't his first trip though, in fact it, was his third.
He made the trip both last year, and 30 years earlier as a student.
“Once you've had an opportunity to meet the people from Haiti and help the people from Haiti it kind of gets in your blood,” Dr. Satryan says.
And one by one as he helped both kids and adults in need, Dr. Satryan says it's a feeling he'll never forget.
“The joy and fulfillment that we get is 10 times what they get out of it,” Dr. Satryan says.
Dr. Satryan is now on the board of the directors for the group and he plans to make the trip to Haiti an annual event.

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