Local Aviation Expert Reacts to Latest News on Flight 370

By Mallory Lane

Published 03/24 2014 05:43PM

Updated 03/24 2014 06:05PM

STATE COLLEGE, CENTRE COUNTY - As the questions continue and the mystery behind Flight 370 remains, a local aviation expert is answering some questions.

Dr. Skip Smith, of State College, said he's just as confused Monday as he was two weeks ago when the plane disappeared, but thinks officials are getting closer.

"The big mystery is why did it get down there, that far away, without any radio contact or anything," Smith said.

The mystery continues, but Smith has hope.

"If they can just identify some piece of wreckage as wreckage from the airplane, that's a pretty good sign they have located the site," he said.

Even still, more questions than answers remain as the story behind Flight 370 unfolds. Smith said the newest scenario that the plane's remains are in the southern Indian Ocean is likely, but still somewhat unexplainable.

"If there was something wrong, it wouldn't fly for several more hours and it had to remain at altitude in order to achieve that much range," he said.

Smith says the saying, "Aviate, navigate, communicate," should have still been carried out.

"It doesn't mean you communicate when you get around to it," Smith said. "All of these things are immediate and they're just in that order, so it's really strange they haven't heard anything."

As theories continue to develop, Smith said the best thing to do is wait and not speculate. He, like everyone else, hopes the answer to where the plane is, comes soon.

"It would be nice to at least have that answer," he said. "It will take a lot longer to locate the actual airplane in a deep ocean like that."

Investigators said there's still a range of possible causes for the crash, including terrorism, pilot suicide and mechanical failure.

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