Looking to Learn to Ski or Snowboard? Not This Weekend.

Yes, you did read that title correctly, the man who has been really pushing everyone out to try the winter sports is saying not to do it, but just this weekend. While at first glance ski resorts may be upset with that statement, I think in hindsight if they want long lasting customers, they will agree. It's going to be frigid Friday and Saturday and some resorts may not have the mercury reach above 10. This will not put you in the proper mind to learn as the cold and slow start will mentally take you out of the picture. This will inhibit your learning and it will leave an impression that will take you away from skiing. I want the number of skiers and boarders to continue to grow, but turning someone away on day one is not a smart move. I'm not saying to not learn. I want you to and that is one reason that I am an instructor. I just say to wait a week if you never skied before.

For those of you who are good skiers, the cold weather will mean that the snow that does fall will be glorious, light and flurry powder. Just dress in many layers and combat the wind chilly by covering all exposed flesh. Then you will get out and enjoy the great conditions.

Happy Turns,

Joe Murgo

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