Getting Your Kids To The Next Level - Part 1

This will be the first of a series to help your kids get to the next level. Though let me start off with saying that getting your kids to specifically match their skis is not usually something you have to worry about. It will come when it is needed. What you need to work on is to get your kids more comfortable and having fun on the slopes. There are a couple of games that you can play to make that happen fast. These will not only get your kids better, but will likely make you hone your skills more yourself. The first is a simple game of tag. Ditch the poles and head off to a novice slope. Ski down and hold your hands on either side of you. Make a lot of turns and vary your speed. See how many times they can tag your hand before reaching the lift. The focus on your hands and the game takes the focus off of any fear and gets them to increase and decrease their speed and make turns without much thought. This promotes great muscle memory too. Once they get good, step things up to more difficult terrain.

Happy Turns,

Joe Murgo

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