Dealing with the Crowds on the Slopes

One of the things that you can try to do this weekend is visit one of the smaller resorts that are not as prone to huge lift lines. Blue Knob is a secret to many but has awesome terrain. It may also be a good time to try Timberline, Peek N Peak and Hidden Valley instead of the other resorts that track in novices from big cities.

Along with the high number of skiers, there is also a large number of injuries due to the crowds and the fast deteriorating of the best slope conditions. How can you avoid these injuries. The biggest suggestion that I can offer is go early. The smallest crowds and best conditions are when the resort first opens. I have always said that skiing is a morning sports. People who complain that their home mountain is normally icy are the ones who seem to go up more in the evening hours. It's not a coincidence.

Also to prevent the injuries, always be aware around you. Make sure you know what is uphill above you before making sharp turns. Slow down in slow ski areas and near merges. Also, wear the helmet. I have seen too many head injuries in my times on the slopes. They are warm and comfortable so there is no excuse. In fact, I just picked up a new one myself.

Happy Turns,


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