Custom Foot Beds

There are not many times that I can review a purchase that can improve performance and comfort. Usually it will be one or the other. An example was when I talked about getting the outside of your boot custom fitted to your foot. This bought me and my foot problems a few more years of comfort. But the boots were getting old and my foot problems got worse. The problem lies from a nerve problem when my foot is squeezed and the only medical option is a surgery of which I am too young to thing about removing the nerve. So I went to our local ski shop to see how we can get me to the point of skiing without excruciating pain. Since we already worked on the outside of the boot, we looked at improving the inside with a custom foot bed.

A custom foot bed involves molding the bottom of your foot and building a foot bed which best suits the bottom of your foot. This can include shaping it to help my nerve problem and it also can help out skiers with flat feet or high arches. I have the latter and the resultant was a foot bed that has a better arch than my running shoes. Because of the dramatic change there was a breaking in period for comfort, but the performance improvement was immediate. When flexing my foot, the first movement would be to flatten my high arches which delays the reaction. Now all movement results in results. How fast? Early on, I caught my edges so well, I went into such a sharper turn, it almost turned me off of the edge of the slope. But don't get me wrong, it's a good thing and I love what it has done for my skiing.

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