Judicial Candidate Debate

ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY - Judicial candidates debate in their final few weeks of campaigning.

More than 60 people came out to hear three men debate who would be the best man to judge Blair County cases. There are signs throughout the county, and ads for all three candidates are on TV. All three men are pointing to their own experience as to why they should replace Judge Hiram Carpenter in the Blair County Court system. And they also talked about why local elections are even more important than big national ones.

Dozens of people came to the judicial debate Thursday night to listen to Dave Andrews, Wade Kagarise, and Fred Miller. One of these men will be elected to a ten year term as judge in Blair County.
The candidates say this is an important race people should look into and vote on. And they say local elections like these will affect people's lives, more than national and presidential ones do.

All three men are pointing to their own experience as the deciding factor. Miller is currently serving as judge for the northern part of Blair County. Andrews has 36 years in the courts as lawyer, judge and mediator for the courts. And Kagarise says as a current Deputy District Attorney he has the most knowledge of what the courts are like right now.

The election is Tuesday May 21st.  Civilian requests for absentee ballots have to be in by the 14th and the ballots themselves have to be in by the 17th. All three men will be on both the Republican and Democratic ballots.

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