Judge explains Sandusky ruling

State College, Centre County, Pa. - In a 60 page report a Jefferson County Judge explained why Jerry Sandusky is not worthy of a new trial.

Jerry Sandusky is out of options at the state court level for a new trial.

On Wednesday a Jefferson County judge denied his request in a Post Conviction Relief Act Petition.

WTAJ's Legal Analyst, Tony DeBeoef explained it was his chance to challenge the system.

"This is one of the rare times in a criminal proceeding where the burden of proof is actually on the defendant," DeBoef said.

Sandusky argues he didn't receive adequate representation by his original trial attorneys, had new evidence to prove, and was given an incorrect sentence.

Al Lindsay, Jerry Sandusky's Attorney, said he still stands by his client.

"We believe absolutely that he's an innocent man wrongly convicted," Lindsay said.

Currently, Sandusky is serving 30 to 60 years behind bars at the Somerset State Prison for 45 counts of child sexual abuse.

And he's effortlessly fought for dismissal of charges and maintaining his innocence.

"He's got nothing to lose except time and money," DeBoef said. "There's never even been a hint of him accepting responsibility for anything. So it doesn't surprise me that he continues to fight."

According to court documents, the judge denied his request calling Sandusky's claims "meritless," and does not give reason to question the overall effectiveness of his original defense counsel and the 2012 verdict.

"We are of course disappointed with the judge's result but we recognize that this a long process and this is a step we have to go through," Lindsay said.

But Lindsay said the fight will go on.

"We intend to file immediately an appeal to the superior court concerning this decision, we're confident that we'll eventually be successful," Lindsay said.

Sandusky's defense now has 30 days to submit that appeal.

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